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BundleBit breakfast

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Märcu & daughters

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Food resume

Marvellous cheesecake by Umi

Yan cooking japanese food

Oishi / 風味がよい

Swiss cheese fondue - oishi too
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Kazumi & Yan

Ready to go shopping in the rain

Afterwards - party
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Before and after


Reception at Tim's new record shop

Looking for vintage vinyls in Copenhagen - don't miss Repo Man in Fensmarksgade
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Meet up with Heiwid & Lopi at the airport

Let's go outside and have a beer

Skål i elefant

It was short but great. Hope to see you again soon.
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It's great to have a Porsche - and even greater to have two. Cheers Yeinz
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Evening meeting with Mikkel

New Hess Is More single "The Sound Of Tennis" ready to go to print on monday.
And now it's weekend!
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Evening with Sonita

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