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Zürich - Sao Paulo - Buenos Aires - Mar del Plata

Hello and goodbye Sao Paulo

Brazilian toilet signage

Arrived in Buenos Aires

Argentinian toilet signage

Off to Mar del Plata. 5 hours in a mini bus


View from the lunch table

Argentinian country side

Arrrived. View from the balcony at Hotel Las Rocas
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moncler coats @ 06.07.2010 08:11 CET
This has to be one of the best custom piece of hardware I have ever seen. So much detail was put into this. can’timagine the time it took to make this.
kalb @ 02.08.2010 04:21 CET
Les vents de la rivière, autour de le îlot parfumée où les fleurs florissant dans sa lumière
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