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Saturday walk

Stadsgraven, Christianshavn
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EFB - VB: 3-3

1-1 Issey Nakajima (10)
2-2 Ulrik Balling (60)
3-3 Issey Nakajima (76)


Duck Soup at Christiania

Copenhagens kings of ska - since 81'
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Evening meeting with Mikkel

New Hess Is More single "The Sound Of Tennis" ready to go to print on monday.
And now it's weekend!
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Construction time again

@ Kev: Shot without flash around 01
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Evening with Sonita

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New cam

Sony T10 it is! More info here (if you might be interested...)
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All about the hole in Adelgade

I had a closer look at the hole in my street
It's going to serve as a district heating tunnel for central Copenhagen
Lenght: 4000 meters / Diameter: 4.2 meters / Depth: 30-40 meters


Hole in my street

They're even digging at night...

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September sun

As beautiful as it gets